Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bye bye birdie!

This morning I went into the kitchen while Mike was cooking up some pancakes. The dishes have slowly been piling up, since I have been putting off emptying my dishwasher, so I decided I would tidy up the kitchen sink area. I moved some things around and I came across this tiny gray feather. I showed it to Mike and he said he was confused how that might have gotten there. Apparently, he had seen it too (and just left it there....gross). I threw the feather away (which was probably the size of a dime), we ate our breakfast and went about our day.

This afternoon, I was avoiding housework (still am right now) and working on my MOMS club stuff at the computer. Mike had just come in from outside and sat down on the couch. Suddenly I heard "flap, flap, flap, flap, flap....". I asked Mike what the noise was and he said he didn't hear anything. Then it happened again "flap, flap, flap, flap, flap....". This time Mike heard it. I started to get freaked out and made Mike venture into the kitchen to check it out. I was sure that's where the noise was coming from. I was also sure that it sounded like a bird and we joked that maybe that's how the mystery feather had appeared.
We were RIGHT!

Mike found a bird wedged between our wall and refrigerator. GROOOOOOOOOOOOOOSS!

I had an uncontrollable case of the heeby-jeebies. This was disgusting!!! Mike asked me if he could shoot it and I said "I have to leave". I did not want to know how the bird was removed from the house. All I wanted to know was that it was OUT OF MY HOUSE and DEAD. The removal process was of no concern to me. I just knew I had to be gone while it happened. So I drove around the neighborhood, explaining the whole disgusting story to my mom on the phone, until I received a text from Mike: "Extraction is complete".
And this is what I came home to on the back deck. So disgusting!


Meghan said...

EW! I am NOT A FAN of birds either! NOT AT ALL! Glad your hubby was able to complete the "extraction" while you were out of the house!

Rachel said...

That is so scary!!!