Sunday, April 11, 2010


Easter Sunday was a pretty mellow day for us this year. Jaycoby was still on the mend from his pneumonia and Mike was still pretty sick with his pneumonia. Unfortunately, because of this, we were unable to take Jaycoby to church. I always look forward to the few Sundays a year that I can take him to church with me, but it just would have been too much activity for one day. And since he knew that there were Easter egg hunts happening (priorities, right?), I figured we would just take it easy Sunday morning and save up our energy.
Jaycoby and I headed to my parents for the afternoon to have a quick lunch and egg hunt. Once we got there, I quickly realized that he was still "recovering". He wasn't showing signs of illness, but he was still REALLY tired. And since all of the activity was going on during early afternoon (a.k.a. naptime), it was a stretch for him. Still, he had a great time playing in the toy room with Emilie, hunting for eggs with Brandon and eating his chocolate bunny with Sydnie.
Then, after a much-needed nap when we got home, Jaycoby got some special visitors. Dick and Sue (Mike's parents) came by with a couple of Easter baskets for Jaycoby and some leftover Easter dinner for us. Our original plan was to go to the Roth Easter lunch and we were disappointed to have to miss out. They were kind enough to bring the Roth lunch to us and it made for a very tasty dinner :-).
Here are some pics from our day (I forgot to take pics when Grandma & Gramps came for their house call):

The whole crew (Jaycoby decided he did not want to participate in the picture and was frowning)

Easter basket time!

"I got a chocolate rabbit, for a special treat...."- Jaycoby & Sydnie

The current "babies" cuddling with Grandpa (probably trying to get more candy out of him or something ;-).

After the Easter egg hunt

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