Saturday, March 20, 2010

Week 2 of school- completed

I completed another week of school! Only 6 more weeks to go.
This past week was spent on learning facials as well. I now have six facials under my belt. I'm not so much grateful for the experience of the facials I was giving as the one's I was receiving. My skin does not agree with pregnancy hormones and was extremely irritated when I arrived for my first day of class. Now I have received four facials and two back facials and I am finally starting to experience that "pregnancy glow". If that many facials won't do the trick, it would just be a lost cause.
I have one more week of facials and then we move on to waxing and make-up. I finally forced our instructor to give us a "schedule" of when and what we should be expecting to learn. There is no question that my instructor knows her stuff, but she seems pretty unorganized for running an EIGHT-week program. I expected it to be planned out better and for us to be moving along quicker in certain areas (although, I do have to consider that this is a comfortable pace for most of the other students, since they do not have any background in esthetics at all). She's made promises of multiple, more advanced, techniques that we will learn at our time at PBS, but I just can't see her fitting it all in. What does this mean for me? Further education in the future. But for now, I am just enjoying the experience and trying to soak up any new information that is given to me.

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