Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring break- Prineville, OR

We went with my mom and sister for a visit to Prineville on Sunday. My aunt and uncle live there and Jaycoby (along with the rest of us) has been missing them terribly since they moved last year. It was a quick trip, but we had a lot of fun. We went out to pizza, swam at the hotel and did a mini-tour of Prineville (which included a stop at the Hot Shot Memorial and a really cool park). The highlight for Jaycoby was getting to meet his second cousins for the first time. My cousin, Cy, and his wife, Jennifer, have two daughers: Krystial (12) and Bekah (4 3/4). Jaycoby bonded with the girls quickly and really took a liking to Krystial. It was pretty entertaining to watch them all play together.

Jaycoby quickly developed a strong bond to Krystial (12 yrs. old) and wanted to be near her as much as possible. This video shows him strutting his stuff, literally. Just as he is getting ready to jump in the pool to Mike (for the 100th ...time), he stops and decides to go to the other side of the pool where Krystial is. Watch as he nears the far side of the deep end. His walk quickly turns from cute little 4-yr old to some sort of limp with a shoulder shrug. It was hilarious!

Jaycoby and Krystial jumping off the deep end.

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