Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Break- La Pine, OR Camping

We rented a little cabin (and by "little" I mean 13x13- it was tiny, but perfect) at La Pine State Park for one night of camping. The cabin was heated, so it was a good spot for this time of year. We weren't sure how it would work out, but we ended up being warm enough through the night. I didn't even sleep in my sleeping bag, because it was that warm.
Outside the cabin was a different story. We were able to tough it out through the evening, because Mike had built a nice campfire. For dinner, we roasted hot dogs and had baked beans. Dessert was s'mores around the campfire, of course. We tried to do breakfast around the fire as well, but we ended up eating our breakfast in the cabin (yummy pancakes and bacon).
Jaycoby was excited about every little thing. Highlights for Jaycoby: getting the car unpacked, building the fire, fishing along the riverside, roasting hot dogs, playing with his superhero guys, making a yummy breakfast w/ Mike and packing up the car (even though he was freezing). He is still "little" enough that his enthusiasm is just too stinkin' cute, but he also has that "older" side that makes him willing to help us out.
Highlight of the trip for me & Mike: locking ourselves out of the cabin TWICE and having to ask the camp host to let us in (Mike was SO embarassed to have to ask for keys a second time...lol), watching Jaycoby get the hang of casting his line while fishing at the river, playing "truth or dare" as a family before bed time and waking up to Jaycoby saying "Mom, I think I'm wet" after sleeping in Mike's sleeping bag :-).

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