Monday, March 8, 2010

A special Monday with my favorite little man

Today was an ordinary day, but it ended up being a lot of fun.

6:30- Jaycoby came into our room. Mike called J to his side of the bed, so I rolled over and was happy to go back to sleep. Unfortunately, when he came in, he woke up his little sister. I couldn't go back to sleep, so I got up with him and decided to tackle the rest of the weekends laundry.
7:30- Abby came over and we all had some breakfast. I peeled a banana for Jaycoby and he argued "but mom, an apple a day keeps the doctor away". Too late, banana was already peeled. I got him to eat it by promising him that he could have an apple afterward. Talk about a healthy breakfast.
8:20- I realized that the house was clean, the laundry was done and we had some time to kill until my client came later that morning. Let's go to the park!
8:45- Loaded up the kids (Jaycoby even loaded up his scooter in the back of the car all by himself) ran and errand and headed out to the park. On our way, Mike called and asked us to bring something out to his parents farm. Our morning just became a lot more busy. Quick trip to the park, quick trip to the farm and then back home for my client. We can do it!
9:05- Got to Riverfront Park and met up with some friends. We did one big lap of scootering, running/walking and strollering (yes, I made up a word) and then played at the park for ten or so minutes.
9:50- Headed out to the farm to take Mike his contacts. Jaycoby was so excited to see Mike and had to do a quick ride in the Kubota. Five minute ride and he is back in the car. It was now 10:25 and we had to be back home by 10:45 (we're not going to make it).
10:50- Arrived at home, two minutes after my client. Oops! Sorry Lori :-). Worked on client, with the help of Abby, and let the kiddos play in Jaycoby's room.
11:45- Lunch time. Jaycoby made a meat and cheese sandwich to share with Abby. Then they shared a yogurt, had some juice and were ready to play.
1:00- Deborah came to pick up Abby. Abby was in a hurry to leave, so Jaycoby and I walked her out to her van while Deborah collected her stuff. While I was putting Abby in her car seat, Jaycoby picked me a flower out of the front yard.

1:10- Nap time.
2:45- Jaycoby comes out from nap and sweetly asks "mom, do you think we could make a special trip to Jamba Juice?". How could I deny such a sweet request (when he has a gift card)?
3:15- Stop in a JJ. Jaycoby took his gift card, walked up to the counter and said confidently, "I would like a Peach Pleasure 'smoovie', please. A small one. My name is Jaycoby." Think he knows the routine? I got to stand back and watch the young girls on staff talk about how cute my little Jaycoby was (standing there with his Thomas blanket draped over his shoulder). They called his name and he ran up to the counter, shouted "THANK YOU" and was out the door.
3:25- Went into Great Harvest to pick up a loaf of bread and got a free slice to snack on with our smoothie.
3:40- Headed over to Walgreen's and had to stop by the Redbox on our way out. Jaycoby was so cold, he was shivering, but he navigated his way through the Redbox screens and picked out a Scooby Doo movie. It was the Vampire one. Scary! ;-)
4:20- Apple #2. As if the smoothie and bread were not enough.
5:10- Mike gets home. My loving, sweet, adorable boy morphed into a macho wrestler within a matter of seconds. Something about his stepdad being home brings that out of him. He had been hugs and kisses and "I love you's" all day long, but here comes Mike and Jaycoby was ready to wrestle. I stepped into the kitchen to get dinner ready and when I came out, Jaycoby was fully dressed in his black Spiderman costume and was tying Mike to a chair (something you must be noticing has been a theme with Jaycoby).
5:45- Family dinner. Jaycoby decided to switch up our usual seating arrangement and thought it was HIL-arious.
6:00- Jaycoby ran to put his pajamas on only seconds after finishing his last bite of dinner. That is our new rule. He would put them on at 3:00 if we'd let him.
6:30- Skype Grammie & Granpda and Aunt Teri & Uncle John. Like normal, mom ends up carrying on most of the conversations. But Jaycoby pops in now and again.
7:20- Apple #3. Why not fit in another one right before bed if you can, right? If the kid asks, I'm not going to tell him no. Lol
7:45- Time to get ready for bed. We brush teeth, go potty and grab our "God book" (our nightly devotional book we all do together). Tonight we learned that we are not supposed to covet. This brought on a long discussion about what toy Jaycoby wants next. Ya, the lesson isn't always crystal clear to him :-).
8:30- I went in to check on him, like we have to do EVERY night, and he tells me that he'd made up a song. It goes like this:
"Thank you for a magical day, Jesus. Thank you for a magical day, God. Thank you for a magical day."

How would I describe our day? Simply. Magical.


Rachel said...

What a sweet boy you have. I love days like that!

Jenni K. said...

What a lovely day! Do you want to swtich our spots one day? :) He's such a cute sweetheart!