Thursday, February 18, 2010

New "bajamas" & scooter

Jaycoby used his birthday gift card to get a new Spiderman scooter. We thought this might be better than a bike, since he still resists the whole pedaling thing. We took it out for a test ride at the park today and he did alright. He is really timid, and DOES NOT like to go fast, but he was able to do a pretty big lap at the park anyways. It will take some time, but hopefully he will be cruising around after some more practice.
He also got some new pajamas when we were in Portland yesterday. Buzz Light Year and Woody were the two patterns that he picked at the Disney store. Unfortunately, he tore a hole in the knee of these cute pj's about five minutes after taking this photo. We were playing hide and seek and he tripped in the dark. He landed on one of our floor vents and sliced his pj's and leg pretty good. Just part of being a boy. They are already stitched and he wore them to bed tonight.

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