Thursday, December 3, 2009

A trip to the mall to see Santa Claus

Jaycoby has a love/hate relationship with Santa. Santa Claus is just one of those things that he talks about non-stop, but then he is terrified when he actually see's him. Just last week, when we were at the downtown mall, we asked him if he wanted to go in and see Santa, but he just wanted to wave from a safe distance. We were not surprised at all by this, but today was a totally different story.
For weeks, he has been dog-earing pages in the Toys 'R Us and Target magazines and saving them, just so he could take them to show Santa. We had already sent "Santa" (a.k.a.- the grandparents) an e-mail with his list, but he wanted to show Santa a hard copy. So off we went to the Lancaster mall today, with the stack of magazines in tow. At first, Mike was holding him, but I was surprised we were able to convince him to get down. He patiently waited in line, and then, to our surprise, marched right on up to Santa and handed him his catalogs. We stayed back and watched, because we were so proud that he wasn't afraid (we know it wouldn't have been so easy if we'd told him he was going to have to sit in his lap for a photo, so we didn't do the photo thing). He told Santa all about the Spiderman web-shooter and talking Spiderman that he wants and then asked Santa if he'd gotten his e-mail. Santa said he hadn't checked his e-mail today, but that he'd be sure to check it later. After they were done talking, Jaycoby marched out of Santa's workshop and said "that was cool". He was really proud of himself for handling it so well. Also, now he is confident that Santa knows the items on his Christmas list. He contantly questioned me about the e-mail, so I'm not so sure he believed that I'd sent it.
Here are pics of Jaycoby with Santa:
Jaycoby went on a rocket ride after "being good" for Santa. He also got to pick a candy, just for fun.
Mike & Jaycoby had fun trying on some holiday hats in Claire's.

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