Tuesday, December 1, 2009

God is slowing my pace and saying "NO!" to pedicures

So, there is no doubt about it, my competitive nature took over this year and I got into "running gear". I trained hard, for six months, for my half marathon, and exceeded my goals far beyond what I ever thought I was capable of. That is all well and good (especially at the OLD age of 29;-), but I think the Lord knows that I have a hard time switching off that competitive drive and just running to stay in shape. No doubt about it, I've been running less and less since my half marathon, but I still push myself pretty hard on my runs. I think the Lord knew He was going to have to step in, because I wouldn't be able to do it on my own.
Obstacle #1: The week after finding out I was pregnant, I was told I had shingles. This horribly painful illness forced me to stay out of the gym for a whole month. Sigh!
After four weeks of laying on the couch, I gradually eased my way back into the gym and was regaining some strength. I was able to get back up to my three mile runs and was continuing my strength training in the weight room.
Obstacle #2: Yesterday, while kneeling on the ground, a large section on my toe nail broke off of my big toe.
UGH! Now my big toe is so incredibly sore, I'm not sure I'll be able to run too long of a distance on it for at least a couple of days. That's what I get for going on Nikerunning.com and setting some running goals. God knew I was getting that drive back and that I was probably going to push it too hard. Since I'm pregnant, it's pretty obvious that I need to be taking it easy on the exercise.
Yesterday morning, I'd also spent a good ten minutes fantacizing about getting a pedicure. Pedicures are a luxury for me (especially with my calloused running feet...gross I know), that I try not to over-indulge in, but I was really getting a strong "I need a pedicure" urge. With our current jobless situation, I knew that a pedicure just wasn't in the cards and was trying to get those crazy pedicure thoughts out of my head. Leave it to a broken toe nail and some skin that stings like crazy to make you not want to get a pedicure. The Lord knows we don't have the money for that sort of indulgence right now and He had to stop me before I made a selfish decision. Lol
So, I am off to the gym to try the running thing. Hopefully I'm not restricted to a bike for the next week. Either way, I'm just thankful that I have the energy and desire to step foot in the gym at this point. And maybe a pedicure will be in my future....once I have a full toe nail again :-).

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