Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ultrasound #1- Baby Roth

We got our first pics of baby today. It was pretty cool. Technology has certainly come a long ways. We were surprised to see movement from baby, distinct images of legs and arms and the heartbeat. My first ultrasound with Jaycoby didn't reveal any of that, so it was a neat surprise. But today we saw baby wiggling around, which was pretty amazing.
We were relieved to find out there is only ONE baby in my tummy. Since we told Jaycoby that he is going to be a big brother, he has been praying every night for "the TWO babies in mommy's tummy". Normally we wouldn't have thought twice about it, but I did have to take clomid (which increases chances of multiples) in order to conceive, so it was a possibility.
* We got our "official" due date today: June 21, 2010.
* Our next appoinment is in four weeks and we look forward to hearing the heartbeat of little baby.
* At my appointment today, Dr. West asked me a lot of questions about my shingles. He said that I "shouldn't be surprised" if the shingles were to come back during the pregnancy. Since my immune system is weak, and the virus is in my system, it wouldn't be impossible. He said that if I see any signs of it to notify them immediately and they will give me another prescription. On the positive side, shingles creates no harm to baby (only terrible pain and discomfort for me), so we have no need to worry about it if it were to come back. PRAY it doesn't come back!!!! :-)

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