Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sick Mr. Man

Jaycoby has been fighting a fever since late last week. On Friday, I received a phone call from his dad saying that Jaycoby was down and out and pretty sick. By the time he got to our house on Sunday, he seemed to be doing better. He had a bit of energy, wanted to play, etc. He woke up at 4 a.m. that night with a fever of 105 (obviously not completely accurate). We spent Monday at home, but he seemed to have a decent amount of energy and a normal appetite. During the night, he woke up again with a temp of 104. I got him into the doctor, but they said it was the flu and that we should only call them back if his fever stayed up for another 24 hours. Yesterday, it finally started to show that he was not feeling well. He had zero energy and his appetite was down. His fever was at 102 with Tylenol and Ibuprofen, so I called the doctor again. They had me bring him in. They said the exact same thing as the day before....flu. But they were concerned that he had been getting better and then went back to being worse again. She gave us some antibiotics, just in case he has some bronchitis brewing (even though his lungs sounded clear). Hopefully this helps. Today he has been on the couch most of the day, but was able to muster up some energy when Mike and Grandpa both stopped by for visits. It's been a long week for the little guy. I just hope he starts feeling better soon.
This was taken at the doctor's office on Monday (first trip).
This is what he looked like all day Tuesday. Thankfully, today he looks a little better than this pic.

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Tara said...

Poor Baby! What a bummer! We will keep him in our prayers...