Monday, November 16, 2009

Mr. Nutcracker

Jaycoby has found his calling as a nutcracker. Mike was sorting through the filberts, picking out all of the shells, and Jaycoby insisted on helping. He remembered how Grandpa Dick had showed him to crack them with a hammer, so he ran out to the garage to retrieve Mike's best tool. At first, he smashed his fingers more than the nuts, but then he got into a good groove. Mike couldn't keep up with trying to find the whole nuts for him to smash.

In the beginning, all you could hear was "OUCH!" and some crying, but he persevered and then he was saying things like "I'm really good at this", "these nuts are cool" and "this is so much fun". He's cracking them on the brick pad in front of our fireplace and has a face more red than a tomato. He could care less that the fire is blazing just one foot from his face. He has work to do!

Jaycoby showing me his "ouchie thumbs". You can see here how red his face was from sitting in front of the fire. It actually looked a lot more red in person. This activity, of course, ended in tears. He was getting tired and there were a couple of big finger smashings. He has ice on them now, but is resisting the urge to pick up the hammer and finish the job.

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