Saturday, October 24, 2009

Down with the sickness

This week has been a strange and busy week for us. I started my two-week sub job out at Sublimity middle school (I'm covering for a friend, whose wife just had a baby), which has left Grammie to fulfill all of my motherly roles for Jaycoby. She has been coming over to our house, bright and early to take care of him, get him ready for school, etc. I have also been adjusting to waking up at 5:45 a.m. and working full time. And we're still trying to get used to the fact that I really am pregnant (yeah!). Let me tell ya, it's all been a shock to my system.
On Wednesday, I'd noticed I had an itchy section on my right side. I didn't think much of it, until it was still bothering me on Friday, and seemed to be getting slightly worse. I never get bug bites, so I knew that couldn't be it. I'd had some mild stomach cramping, but I kept ignoring it since I am so early into the pregnancy. I was nervous to think what that cramping might mean (could I be miscarrying?). I mentioned it to my mom and she thought it was worth calling the doctor about. Sure enough, mom was right. When I went to the doctor Friday afternoon, they told me I have shingles. Sweet! There is no harm to baby, but they could not prescribe me the pill medication (which is the quicker remedy), but gave me a topical cream instead. Since the rash is on my side, which is under my clothes, the doctor said I am perfectly fine to continue teaching. It is not contagious.
It just kind of figures. I always get random, bizarre illnesses that can be difficult to make sense of. In fact, my sister just said to me on Thursday, "Now that you're pregnant, I don't want any weird things to start happening to your body". Next day, shingles! Thanks a lot, Melinda :). I think she cursed me or something. So yeah for trimester one. I hate to think of what else lies ahead in this pregnancy. Sigh!

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