Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Two very special guys

Jaycoby has been into so many new things lately, I just thought I would update you on my favorites:
1. He has been doing such a great job playing by himself. He's always been good at it, really, but it's been neat to see his imagination really taking shape these last few weeks. He's really into playing with all of his action guys (Spiderman, Black Spiderman, Buzz Lightyear, Doctor Octopus, etc.). There are lots of boy noises that come out of his mouth and the dialogue is just hysterical. It involves a lot of shooting, smashing, thrashing, injuries....you name it. If it is something that would really hurt "the bad superhero" then he is saying it. Jaycoby has always had a special place for his morning cartoons :), but it has been great to see him walking away from the t.v. and opting to play with his toys and use his imagination. A mother couldn't complain about that!
2. Jaycoby's new game is to pretend that he is "not working". He freezes in funny positions and then tells us to change his batteries. The first time he did this was when we were camping, so I tickled his belly with my hands, like I was pretending to change his batteries. When I said I was done, he said "No Mom, I need DURACEL batteries". Oh my goodness!
3. For those of you who know my child well, you know that it has been a long road to break the habit of him wanting to be held. I know he is three, and I know he is the size of a 5-year old, but to him it hasn't mattered. He would much rather be carried or pushed in the stroller than to make the effort to walk anywhwere. A few weeks ago, he started asking me if he could go running with me. After the news that he had completed a three mile walk with his dad, we decided that we would sign him up for the Homer's 2 mile walk/run. As you saw in my recent post, he walked/jogged the whole thing, all by himself. In addition to Homer's Classic, we have spent the last two nights at Salem's Riverfront, going on bike rides and running. Jaycoby BEGS us to let him get out of his bike trailer and run. On Monday night, I actually had to jog to keep up with him. He has run across the entire length of the walking bridge and all the way down to our truck (with energy to spare). It has been such a treat to see his passion for running grow. A year ago, we would have never thought that kiddie soccer would be something he would have the motivation to participate in, but now we think he would love it. It's such a blessing to see your child be passionate about something that you really enjoy yourself. Mike has said the same thing about Jaycoby's enthusiasm about golf, but now I get it :). It looks like we're doing a pretty good job so far, since his two favorite things to do are running and golf. Is that brainwashing?!? :)

I also had to include this photo, so you can see what a sweet guy I am married to. When I went into my bathroom this morning, I found these signs on my mirror..."I-LOVE-YOU-!!!". What a great way to start my day.

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