Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Jesus stole my balloon!

On Monday night, Jaycoby went out for dinner to Red Robin with his dad. While they were at the restaurant, Jaycoby got a balloon. When we met up to get Jaycoby, we happened to be at the riverfront on a bike ride, so we just tied the balloon on to our bike trailer and carried on with our ride. Somehow, when we were stopped at the playground, the balloon came off (Mike's convinced that some bratty kid came by and pulled it off) and flew away. Mike and I watched the balloon fly higher and higher as we discussed how we would explain to Jaycoby where his balloon had gone. Of course, our super-observant 3-year old, noticed that his balloon was missing as soon as we got back on our bikes. We didn't make a big deal about it and rode back to the truck.
Then, last night (Tuesday), when we were putting Jaycoby to bed, he asked about his balloon again. I told him that his balloon had flown up to heaven and that Jesus was playing with it. He automatically got this scowl on his face and said "Jesus took my balloon? That makes me sad." Great! Now he thinks Jesus is a big bully. We calmed him down by praising him for sharing his balloon with Jesus. It was just a really funny conversation to be a part of. Mike and I were fighting off the giggles the whole time.
I just have to add that it's just the neatest experience to hear your child pray. Jaycoby used to do it on auto-pilot, but now he is wanting help a lot and thinking more about what he says. I am happy to assist. He is convinced that Jesus is not in this "heaven" that we speak of, but that he is in outerspace. We've explained that heaven is even further away than outerspace :), but I think he still pictures Jesus in a rocketship. Eh, whatever works for ya!

Here is a random (totally unrelated) video of Jaycoby playing wii last night. Just shows how much older he is getting :-(. Here is is playing Wii and doing trampoline. He decided that it might help his jumping if he was actually jumping off the furniture.

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