Saturday, August 8, 2009

Homer's Classic- 2 mile run/walk

I was signed up and ready to do the Homer's Classic 8K today and then we got asked to keep Jaycoby for the weekend. What a treat! He'd been asking me to go running with him and this was the perfect opportunity. I quickly withdrew from the 8K and signed us up for the 2 mile walk/run. Jaycoby was really excited. He's been planning it for a week now. "I'll wear your iPod, mommy, and run really, really fast". This past week, my parents decided to join us as well, so we had a great crew of support.

He did a great job! He ran for about the first half mile. Then we all walked and he was getting pretty tired as we approached the halfway point. Once we assured him that we were halfway done, he got a second wind, and powered through the second half. He even ran around the track as we came in for our stadium finish.

After our race, we had to stop in at the grocery store. Jaycoby asked Mike if he would carry him. Mike picked him up, but was having the conversation of how he didn't need to be carried, since he is a big boy now. Jaycoby's response was: "But you have to carry me, because I ran three miles today (a slight exaggeration) and I did a really good job".

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Rachel said...

Wow!! Sounds like fun!