Friday, June 12, 2009

Too cute for words

It might be biased, but Jaycoby is just the cutest kid around ;-). Check out this picture of him wearing his new bike helmet.

It was a difficult shopping trip to Target, to say the very least. Jaycoby knew we were going to get him a new bike helmet, since he'd grown out of his John Deere one, but he didn't know he wouldn't be able to get a Spiderman one. He quickly spotted the Spiderman helmet and grabbed it off the shelf. I had to explain to him that it probably wouldn't fit, but he could TRY it on. My beautiful boy, with the very big head, had to shop in the YOUTH section :). That's right, 8 years +. He had the choice between a rock star/guitar helmet or a shiny/metallic skater helmet that MIGHT be able to be decorated with some Spiderman decals. He opted for the skater hat, since he was sure the Spiderman decals would work out. He said "Mom, can you ask the lady where the stickers are?" He was determined to find some decals for his helmet. I kept telling him it wasn't a for sure thing. I ended up buying a cheap little pack of stickers, but we later decided they would probably ruin the helmet (or at least make the helmet look cheap and tacky). On the way home from the store, Jaycoby was reading the back of the pack of stickers: "Mom, I'm reading it. It says 'do not put stickers on the car', 'do not put stickers on the chair', 'do not put stickers on my bed'.....'it can be used on helmets though...and paper'" Are you kidding me? This kid is clever! He's now forgotten all about Spiderman being on his helmet. Phew!
I just think this picture is too cute. He looks like a high schooler, with his converse, camo and skater helmet. At least he has the flashing Spiderman on his shirt to keep him looking like a 3-year old :).

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