Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Jogging in the rain

My friend, Julie, and I decided to go running today....rain or shine. And, of course, it was cold and rainy at the time we decided to go. We put Logan & Jaycoby (all 60+ pounds of them) in Julie's double-jogger, covered them with blankets, gave them some Spiderman toys and took turns pushing them throughout our run. Have I mentioned I've been running with ZERO incline??? Oh my word, those teeny, weeny, Minto Brown hills (really, they shouldn't even be called hills...they were more like bumps in the road, but felt like mountains) were a huge challenge for me, which was pretty pathetic. But Julie is a strong runner and kept me going, even though I probably slowed the pace A LOT. We still managed to do 9-9.5 minute miles for 2.5 miles, so we were pleased. Now we're trying to think of ways we can run without the stroller :). Those boys are heavy!

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