Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Halloween- Part Deux

On Halloween night, we went up to Portland. We started the night with dinner at Jaycoby's favorite pizza place...

Jaycoby with his dad. Wait...who is dressing up as Batman?

Ella was hardcore. You can see her nose is red, but she wouldn't let us put her in the stroller. She wanted to be in on every bit of the action.

Here comes the gang....

This neighborhood is awesome and has all kinds of Halloween decorations. I love the way Ella is looking up at the Frankensteing like "what the heck is that thing?".

Batgirl and Batman by the Bat-pumpkin

The infamous "creepy babies" from 2010. Jaycoby got scared at this house, last year, and ran off the porch screaming and crying. They weren't very nice. They could tell he was timid and they scared him on purpose. We tried to sneak up this year, without letting him know that it was "the house", but he figured it out pretty quickly. We had to take Ella up to get some candy, so he could see that it wasn't too scary. He thought the picture of Ella with the creepy babies was pretty cool, but not cool enough to go and trick or treat there.

He went up to a "creepy house" just before we were done for the night. He was so pr0ud of himself and we were so proud of him. The man at the house was really nice about it.

Ella LOVED this family of apes.

Our final stop was at Aunt Mary & Uncle Jeff's house.

This picture is kind of a big deal. Ella is usually afraid of Uncle Jeff (for some strange reason), so it was really sweet that she sat with him and let him read her a story.

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