Monday, October 10, 2011

Jaycoby's First Jog-a-thon

Jaycoby's first Jog-a-thon was a huge success. He was eager to get pledges for the event and he did an awesome job running. He completed five laps and actually jogged the whole time. I was so impressed! This kid complains about having to walk "all the way" down the hall to his bedroom, so my expectations weren't high. They had ten minutes to run as many laps as they could and he gave it all the entire time. And he looked like he was having fun while he was doing it.

Jaycoby's class before the race

I LOVE the look of determination on his face in this picture.

Running hard

Oh ya, that's my kid! Look at his form. So long to the days when he would flap his arms while he ran. This kid looks like a runner!

Jaycoby goes to school with other kids from our MOMS Club. Here he is with Tiana and Regan after the race.

This is Jaycoby's new "best friend", Caleb S. There is another Caleb in his class, but Jaycoby said "I don't play with the other Caleb. Not even at all, mom." Okay then.

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