Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ella's Physical Therapy Update

Ella has been making huge strides in her motor development. Most of the work has been on her confidence, because that seems to be the biggest issue. The therapist has said that he doesn't see any neurological issues with Ella and that "she has a lot of anxiety about not being in control". I have a feeling that won't be the last time we hear that about our little girl. Anyway, she has continued going to PT once a week and is gaining some confidence. She does not like doing the work, so she cries the second the therapist comes near her. He will give her little breaks, but giving her toys and walking away and she calms down. The second he takes steps towards her, she is sobbing all over again. This truly is a workout for her, because she is being pushed to do movements she isn't used to and using muscles that need strengthening. By the end of her appointment, she is always hot and sweaty.
Some goals Ella has reached:
*Pulling herself up to her knees and even putting one foot up (kneeling position) for support.
*Rolling to both sides.
*Being able to get herself to the seated position.
Some goals for Ella:
*Pulling herself to a standing position. She is extremely timid about being on her on her feet.
*Learning to get back to a seated position once she is standing.
*Confidence in crawling over uneven surfaces.

Here is a picture of Ella using the itty-bitty walker. It is the perfect height for helping Ella get the feeling of moving up on her feet.

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Meg said...

She is gaining so much from Physical Therapy! I wish she wasn't upset the whole time, BUT, the progress is monumental so at least she is gaining from it even though she is upset. Love you!