Monday, September 26, 2011

Ella's first pedicure

I took the kids with me to my nail appointment this past weekend. The nail technicians kept admiring Ella while they were working on their clients. They happened to get a break between clients and they asked me if they could paint her toes. They didn't have to ask me twice. OF COURSE!
Ella sat still while they painted her right foot. She just kept looking at them like "who are you and what are you doing?". When they painted her left foot, she started to wiggle. This child wiggles and cries whenever I have to clip her toenails, so I was shocked that the wiggling didn't begin sooner. Still, she never got upset. They painted her toes bright pink and they even put white polka dots on as well. They wanted to give her a flower on her big toe, but her nail was just too tiny. She still left with super, fancy toes and it just looks too darn cute on her chubby little feet. I'm hoping for many more pedicures with my little girl in the future (Mike I hope you aren't reading this).

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