Thursday, June 2, 2011

Jaycoby's Last Preschool Share Day

Jaycoby has been talking about his "Share Day" for weeks now. He had picked his stuffed Luigi to take several weeks ago and then decided to take the new Luigi figurine instead. But then he got a really cool Timbers scarf while he was at his dad's house and he was officially torn. Hmmmmm. Decisions. Decisions. What is a boy to do?
Jaycoby: "Well, mom, I better ask Cade (preschool BFF) what he wants me to bring. I know that Cade really likes Super Mario and so he might want to see my Luigi guy."
Decision made. Cade wanted to see Luigi, so that is what he took. It is funny to see that his friends opinions already carry so much weight in his decision-making process. It was also sweet that he was more concerned about what his friend would want to see than what he wanted to take and share (he is in love with the Timbers scarf and was leaning in that direction).

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Meg said...

I'm really not shocked at all that J asked his friend, he is such a caring little guy! He likes to make his friends happy! :)