Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It's genetic. I promise.

Ella had to have an ultrasound on her head this morning. Unfortunately, this has become routine with my kids. Jaycoby had to have this done as well. The reason? Their heads are really big! I was actually surprised that Ella was having to get one done, because her head was only in the seventy-fifth percentile. I thought that sounded normal (which shows that we are used to the BIG numbers in our house). But no, both of my kids were sent for ultrasounds on their big melons. And keep in mind they had two different pediatricians, so this isn't just something our doctor recommends.
If you haven't experienced an ultrasound with an infant, you are not missing out. They smear goop all over their hair and expect that your baby will lay motionless for several minutes while they get the pictures they need. We were lucky this time around and had a really friendly technician. She didn't say a word and didn't seem to mind that Ella cried every time she looked at her. I tried keeping Ella as still as possible by singing Itsy Bitsy Spider, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, ABC's and Jesus Loves the Little Children. It kind of worked. And then she would turn her head, look at this stranger who was sitting right next to her and she would start to cry all over again. I also had to hold her hands by her sides, so that she would rub her hands through the goo in her hair. She wasn't too happy about it, but the test didn't take too long. Thank goodness! When I went with Jaycoby, the technician wasn't as friendly and he asked if I could "just make my child lie still". Not going to happen mister. I tried pinning down his arms, torso and legs, while my mom had her hands on each side of his head. He was still able to wiggle and he was crying uncontrollably the whole time. We were all a sweaty mess by the end of the test. I am just glad we didn't have the same experience with Ella.

Post ultrasound hair goo pic: Ella

Post ultrasound hair goo pic: Jaycoby

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Meg said...

Just big noggins! ;) Ella just looks like she has really shiny smooth hair and looks a little tired. Jaycoby has the messy gooey hair and looks like he has been upset, I can still see tears. :(