Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ella- ONE Year Old

*She made the switch to whole milk from formula without any issues. Hallelujah!
*She loves oatmeal, yogurt, carrots, peas and anything we will give her off of our plate.
*She has had some serious constipation issues, just like her older brother. Miralax is a staple in the Roth home.
*She goes to bed around 7 p.m. and sleeps straight through til about 7 a.m. Evening is not her happy time (still!), so we have considered moving her bed time even earlier. Never thought I would have a kid that went to bed at 6:30, but we are seriously considering it.
*Her bedtime routine has remained the same for the entire first year: bottle, kisses, lay her down, throw her silky blanket over her face (yes, I said OVER her face), turn on her music and shut the door. And we rarely hear a peep after that.
*She still isn't crawling, but we are so excited about the rapid progress we are seeing toward motion. She is moving more and more every day and has started to attempt to pull herself into the crawling position.
*She still loves music. She will start rocking back and forth anytime she hears a good tune. We can be in the store, she can hear a cell phone ringing or any musical toy really get her dancing.
*She thinks it is hilarious to grab our cheeks and mouth. Now that she is a little bit older, we are not finding it as funny as she is. This is a habit we are trying to break, but she thinks we are playing a game with her when we tell her “no”.
*She is famous for her silly expressions. Not all of her expressions are pleasant. In fact, most of them are not. Often times, she looks like she is going to cry, going to growl at you or ready to scream. But she is just showing her emotions through her expressions. She is really easy to read, because of the looks that she gives. Our favorite face is her "OH!" face. She makes her mouth into this tiny little "o", as if she is going to whistle or something. It's a show stopper every time.
*She loves the water! Bath time is a treat for her every morning. And now she has figured out how to scoot around the tub by using her hands, so she will slide back and forth on her bottom. She also loves going to the pool. I have never had to leave the pool because she was too tired or crabby (and we always seem to go during her afternoon nap time). She has lasted for over two hours.
*She is saying "Ma ma ma ma", "Ga ga ga ga", "Ra ra ra ra", "Da da da da". And she has the sweetest, softest voice.
*She gives kisses. When we say "kiss", she will open her mouth, stick out her tongue and lean in for a kiss. It's super slobbery and we love it!
*“Itsy Bitsy Spider” is her favorite song.
*Her Fisher Price mini-kitchen is her favorite toy.
*Nicknames: Gaga, Baby Gaga (Daddy), Goo Goo Gaga Girl (Jaycoby), Elle Belle, Elle Belle Michelle, Little Bip, Pretty Pretty Princess (Mommy), Little Girl Girl, Baby

Happy birthday, Ella!

She LOVES dog's. Sigh ;)

She loves to swing.

I wanna be like bro bro.

Bounced herself to sleep.

Some days she isn't too excited to see daddy when he gets home. Lol This picture was taken in the evening time. 4-7 p.m. can be pretty rough for her.

Starting to look more and more like she wants to move.

She isn't quite old enough to go on rides (too noisy), but we can pretend.

She loves to shop!


Jenni K. said...

I love how you have written all these things down to share. I'm happy that we got to see her grow the first 7 months of her first year. We miss her very much.

Meg said...

You really do a great job of writing things down! I started to try doing this and forgot about it. Ha! She's such a joy to be around, I always get to see her during her happy time. I'm glad she saves her rough hours for when Daddy comes home! JK