Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day- School Project

Here is a picture of the gift Jaycoby brought home from school:

Bath salts and a flower in a hand-painted pot.

I took advantage of the gift and made a bath for myself the other night, while the boys were golfing out in the yard. I made sure I locked the door, because I knew they would be coming inside soon. I was right. Within five minutes, I heardd lots of knocking at the bathroom door. Jaycoby full on tried to bust the door down and then Mike was sure I might be too lonely in a room all by myself. Nope. I was just fine in the tub, reading my Oprah book and not being bothered (but still close enough that I could hear them if they really needed me). It was twenty minutes of awesomeness.
Thanks for the bath salts, Jaycoby! Mommy really enjoyed using them ;-)

1 comment:

Meg said...

Those are such adorable little gifts, although you poor flower looks a little thirsty. ;) Glad you got some Mommy time in the bath! Yay!