Friday, May 13, 2011

AWANA Awards Night

Originally, we weren't going to be able to make it to the Awards Night. Mike was flying back home, from Chicago, and his flight got in at 7:30. But since his flight was delayed, we were able to rush over to the church, get Jaycoby's certificate and then head out to the airport. I did not think Jaycoby would want to watch the two-hour award ceremony, but he kept talking about the "rewards" and saying it wouldn't be boring to watch all of the kids receive them. This is why I decided to take him at the very last minute. I had no interest in going, but he could not wait to be a part of it.
When the Cubbies went on to the stage, Jaycoby turned around and loudly gasped when he saw that mom, Ella, Grammie and Grandpa were standing in the back. He was grinning and waving. And as our precious blonde-haired boy stood about a head taller than all of the other Cubbies, he did such a great job singing his Cubby theme song and saying his theme verse. Then they gave him his certificate and we took off.

All of my pictures came out really dark, because I couldn't figure out the right setting in time. BOO! This is the best one, because he is waving.

Waving to mom. Priceless!

Checking out his award.

So proud of himself.

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Meg said...

How special that you were able to surprise him! I love how he was SO excited and waving from the stage!