Friday, March 25, 2011

Playdate with Callie

I am starting to wonder why my parents ever said no when I asked if I could have a friend over. I LOVE it when Jaycoby has a friend over. He plays with his toys and can be entertained for HOURS. It is awesome!
After a morning at NW Kids Club with some MOMS Club friends, Jaycoby invited Callie over for lunch and playtime. They ended up playing house for the majority of the time and it was hilarious listening to them. Jaycoby had his "house" (his bedroom) and Callie had her "house" (the playroom). They would meet up in Callie's house for bedtime.


Here are two things I heard while they were playing house:
Jaycoby (pretending to be the husband): We need to watch Cake Boss. I have it recorded for you, honey, and I didn’t delete it yet.

Callie: I got a new tv.
J: Do you have Direct TV like us?

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