Monday, March 14, 2011

The Berenstain Bears

My sister told me that there was going to be a Berenstain Bears production at the Elsinore Theatre, so I decided to take Jaycoby. It was a play/musical and it was really cute. They crammed a lot of story into a 45-minute show. They definitely knew their audience, because Jaycoby started losing interest after about 30 minutes. He was able to hang in there though. I was happy to sit there for as long as they wanted us too, because Jaycoby insisted on sitting in my lap and was cuddling with me the whole time. That was money well spent!

Look who we ran into! Sydnie is the little girl in the white shirt.
The usher seated us and all of the sudden I hear (in a squealing voice) "JAYCOBY". The kids were climbing over the poor woman, who happened to be seated in between us, just to give each other a hug. They were really excited to see each other.

This was the stage before the program started....

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