Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Slumber party 32"

Last night was a "special night" (special night= an evening when we call Jaycoby out of bed to come and watch a tv show with us that he has been listening to, and commenting on, the whole time we have been watching it). After we finished watching Cake Boss, it was time for bed. Somehow the topic of a slumber party came up and I told him that we could do one together some time. I got to thinking about it and decided there was no time like the present (he starts school again next week and we didn't have anywhere to be today). We quickly made up the futon and we ready to go.

Here is how it all went down:

1: Jaycoby spent a decent amount of time situating his "guys". He would tuck them in, give them kisses, have me give them kisses, change their position, give me a guy to sleep with, take the guy back, rearrange the guys around his head on his pillow. Repeat.

2: Wait!...Luigi is cold and needs more covers, Banana Man has a runny nose, Oinkie needs to go potty and Pirate Pig tooted (apparently). Oh, and we need to find Cookie Dough in the morning. "Remember to check the cupholder in my car seat, because sometimes he sleeps there and I haven't seen him for one hundred days". Got it.

3: We exchanged goodnights and gave each other kisses. "Goodnight mom".

4: J- "Anything stink, mom?"
Me- "Did you toot?"
J- giggles

5: Back to #1. Everyone needs to be resituated.

6: J-"I will give you a back scratch, mom".
Me- "Thank you"
J- "I can do it for like six minutes"...<3>..."my hand is tired".

7: J- "Good night, mom. Uh oh, I tooted. Goodnight."

8: <2> Me- sniff sniff
J- "Your sniffing is waking me up". <30> snoring

I love the way he is grinning at me in this picture. You can tell how excited he was. And he insisted we wear our matching t-shirts.

*Slumber Party 32= Jaycoby likes to assign things numbers. We haven't pinpointed a reason for this, except that it makes an event sound a lot cooler if you name it like you would a video game (like Mario Galaxy 2, Mario Kart 64, etc.) Often times he picks the same numbers- 32, 52, 54 and 56 are his favorites. We just go with it. Mike has decided to follow suit, so I hear a lot of "What's for dinner 62?", "I love you 48" and "How you doin' 27?". It's weird. I know.


Meghan said...

How fun! I can't wait to do stuff like this with Diego! Did the shower wake him up even though he was on the futon today? So glad J enjoyed a special night!

AZChelsea said...

oh my! This is just too cute and so fun. He sounds like a hilarious kid. Maybe I will have a slumber party with Asher. Kids are such a stitch!