Friday, February 18, 2011

Playdate with Cade

Up until recently, all of our playdates have been with my friends kids. I would never think twice about leaving Jaycoby alone with these families. We know them. We like them. We trust them. But we have entered the "school friends" phase and I wasn't totally comfortable with just dropping Jaycoby off at some "strangers" home. SO...we have been slowly working our way up to playdates without having mom around. After a couple of playdates with both moms in tow, we have finally "cut the cord" and allowed a couple of playdates sans the momma.
Since Titan Tots is currently on it's six week break, we decided to have Cade over for a whole day. The previous playdates just haven't allowed for as much playtime and Wii time as the boys would have liked. But, believe me, they got plenty of both PLUS a trip to McD's.

Eating chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast (Cade came at 7 a.m.)

Playing Wii, of course. They kept saying "Dude!" constantly. It was funny for the first five minutes. Then it was annoying :)

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Meghan said...

Looks like a fun day! Maybe someday Eddie will let Diego go on playdates without me. LOL.