Sunday, February 6, 2011

Happy to play together

I have posted before about how Jaycoby does not like to play in his room with his toys. The toys are not the issue, but he just doesn't like to be by himself. The other morning, I was needing to get the car ready for the day. We were running a little later than I'd planned and I needed the kids to be busy. I told Jaycoby to go to his room and play with his toys and he gave me the usual response: his chin dropped to his chest and he started moaning. I asked him if he would do it if Ella came and "played with him". His head immediately popped up and he said "OKAY" and ran back to his room. He was totally content "playing with Ella" while mommy got everything packed up to go. Yay for Ella being such a great trooper! I don't think this little girl knows what a hefty responsibility she will have as she gets older. Keeping Jaycoby entertained is a pretty big job :-).

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Meghan said...

Oh how sweet! Its amazing how just being in the room can satisfy their need to have someone "play" with them. Usually Diego just likes us there with him. :)