Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tubing at Mt. Hood Ski Bowl

Jaycoby's main gift this year was to go tubing at Mt. Hood. This is our third year going and each year has brought a totally different experience. These experiences have been a product of Jaycoby's age and the weather conditions at the tubing hill. We finally got it all right this year though. He was just old enough to appreciate what the mountain had to offer (thanks to the ski lessons he has taken this winter) and the tubing hills were slow enough that he wasn't terrified (they were a little slow for us, but we were glad it was keeping him happy).
When we first told him that his gift was tubing, he offered a polite "ohhhhh". He obviously wasn't all that excited. But then we told him that Grandpa, Grammie and "Applelyn" (Aunt Melin) would be going with us and he jumped around cheering. He had so much fun racing down the tubing runs with all of us. He would shout out "last one down is a rotten egg" or "first one down is a goody goody" (not sure what that one meant) before we headed down the hill.

Ella stayed bundled up in the stroller for most of the time.

Jaycoby was pulled around in his tube almost the entire time. Oh to be a kid again :)

Jaycoby let me borrow his Batman hat for the day.

Ella could hardly move in her snow suit, but she was really warm.

Family picture time.

Grammie even went tubing this year!


Alyssa said...

How fun. We went last yeaqr and loved it. What a great idea to give as a gift. It can be quite spendy.

Rachel said...

How fun!