Saturday, January 1, 2011

Look at that hair!

Both of my kids were blessed with a lot of hair. Jaycoby's was fluffy and used to stand on end. Ella's....well, hers does a little bit of everything. Ella has business in the front and a whole lot of everything in the back. She has a cowlick that makes her hair poof out in a similar way that I wore my bangs in the late 80's and early 90's. In the middle, she has the classic bald spot from laying on her back for the past six months. And on the bottom, she is rocking a solid skullet. With all of this combined, we are always getting lots of comments (hence, the title of this post). But we usually have it all topped off with a cute hair bow and it just looks perfect (if you ask her mommy).

She gets some great volume because of that cowlick.

It will all fill in soon enough, but it is kind of at an awkward phase (still cute though).


Meghan said...

Still TOTALLY cute and the bows are always adorable!

Rachel said...

Oh Mindy, remind me to show you a picture of Sawyer from when all her black hair started falling out and coming in blond (around Ella's age). She had this crazy long piece that I couldn't bring myself to cut forever!!! So funny how baby hair comes in!