Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Santa Claus

Every year, Santa Claus has been one of those things that Jaycoby has loved from a safe distance. I assumed this year was the same when he wasn't all that interested in talking to Santa at the Christmas tree farm. I really wanted a picture of the kids with Santa, but I knew it would be too much drama for the cost of the picture. Then I decided that a little bit of bribery can go a long ways, so I made a small wager with my 4-year old.
Jaycoby's current obsession is the Wii game "Kirby's Epic Yarn". He has asked "Santa" for this game for his Christmas gift (he had Ella ask Santa for him when we got our Christmas tree, so he was sure the message was delivered). They currently have this game at the Game Stop in Salem Center, which is conveniently located right outside of Santa's photo shop. I told Jaycoby that he could play Kirby's Epic Yarn if he took a nice photo with Santa. He did not tremble. He did not shy away. He did not think twice about it. He marched right on up to Santa's line and planted a seat in his lap when it was his turn. No questions asked.


McKenzie said...

Seriously perfect!

Rachel said...

The fact that both kids are so happy is a fabulous! I can't believe how much Jaycoby is growing up!