Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Reinhart's Christmas Tree Farm

The Reed family has the tradition of going to Reinhart's to cut down our trees. It is so fun for the kids to pick the trees and then go enjoy cookies and cider while the trees are all wrapped up to take home. This year they even had Santa!

Jaycoby is acting more afraid of Santa this year than he did last year, so we had to take advantage of what might be our only Santa pic for the season.

My parents with the grandkids.

Michael, Emma & Liam

Steven's family- Steven, Sarah, Sydnie, Emilie & Brandon

Jaycoby found a mushroom.

Now they are big enough to do all of the work. Awesome!

I tried to get Jaycoby to go and tell Santa what he wanted for Christmas. He insisted that Ella do it for him.

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Rachel said...

Hahahah...send in your little sister to do the dirty work...that's what they're there for!