Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I know I just did a swimming post, but I have to brag on Jaycoby a little more. He has just been excelling so quickly and I am so proud of him. Last week, his teacher recommended that we get him some goggles. For most kids, they just end up being a distraction the whole class, but it was obvious that our little "eel" needed them. He keeps his eyes open the WHOLE thirty minutes of lessons and would have the pink eyes to show for it. We got him these goggles over the weekend and it made a huge difference. Even better, he didn't fuss with them the whole class and didn't cry when we put them on (he has issues with things that are tight on his head).

Super cool goggles.

His back float just keeps getting better and better. It was only a few weeks ago that he couldn't stand having his ears in the water. Now he will do it for the whole length of the pool.

Ella is always happy to watch Jaycoby's lessons (not that she has a choice).

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Rachel said...

It's like he flipped the switch and it's just all working together! I'm so happy for him. He looks like he's working hard! And I love kids in goggles...so funny!