Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ella is 5 months old

*Signs that she is tired: she rolls her head side to side when she is starting to go to sleep (something she has done for a long time now) and she rubs her eyes with her hands. She will also put one fist up by her cheek right before she dozes. When the hand and arm are up, she is a goner.
*She is laughing! She actually started this last month and I forgot to mention it. But now she is doing it more often. It takes a lot of tickling, and the tickling has to be in the perfect spot, but she will let out a little giggle every once in a while.
*She loves making spitting noises and drooling on purpose.
*She loves to smile at people. Any time people stop and say hi to her, she scrunches her nose, tucks her chin down and gives them a huge grin. Adorable!
*When she gets worked up, and starts to cry hard, she has machine gun toots. It’s hilarious.
*She has fallen into a weird napping pattern in the afternoons. She usually only naps if Jaycoby is napping. If he is awake, or chooses not to nap that day, she will sleep once or twice for twenty minutes and that's it. Thankfully she is pretty happy and content on the days that she doesn't nap much. On those days, she is totally exhausted once it is bed time.
*She is getting her first tooth….we think. It really felt like a tooth, but now we are wondering if it is her gums. Either way, she has started to chew on her hands constantly whenever the pacifier is out of her mouth.
*She loves to lay on her playmats and grab the toys that dangle in her face.
*She is sleeping through the night now. In the last month she has totally changed her sleeping schedule:
-Going to bed at 9:15 p.m.; wake up for 3 a.m. feeding; wake up for 7 a.m. feeding; mommy wakes her up to take Jaycoby to school at 8.
-Going to bed at 9:15 p.m.; crying at 3 a.m. and (but mommy ignored the cries and started skipping this feeding); wake up at 7 a.m. for feeding; mommy wakes her up to take Jaycoby to school at 8.
-Going to bed at 8 p.m.; wake up at 7 a.m. for feeding; mommy wakes her up to take brother to school at 8.
We are happy with where it is now!
*She still doesn't like her car seat. She cries almost every time we put her into it. It's a simple every day thing that I constantly dread. Whenever Mike is home, I put him on car seat duty. It's terrible to have to be the one to make her cry every time we need to go somewhere. She usually calms down once we are in the car and start driving.
*She is nursing every 2.5 hours and sometimes needs a bottle as well. We are trying to figure out what she is needing in this department, because we have never really seen her "full". She will nurse or take a 4 oz. bottle any time it is offered to her. And since the kid was in the 8% of weight at her last appointment, we know she isn't getting too much.
*She loves her older brother. Every night when I am working on getting dinner ready, I will put Ella in her swing or on her play mat. Jaycoby will lay with her or dance in front of her and she is all smiles. It's such a blessing to see him take care of his little sister and I can see that she admires her older brother already.

I took this picture today. Mike rarely dresses Ella, but he always has so much fun with it when he gets the chance. It is sort of a big deal that he got to dress her on a milestone like her "5 month birthday". He picked the perfect "I love daddy" shirt!

Two of her favorite things...bath time and chewing on her hands. She just about had her whole fist jammed in her mouth.

This is how we find Ella every time we put her to bed. She LOVES the silky side of the blanket on her face. She pulls it up over her face and then falls asleep.

Here she is sleeping soundly (after I pulled the blanket off of her face, of course).

5 months old on my elephant blanket. I look a lot bigger than the first time I had my picture taken here.

She looks like a little gnome in her hoodie.

Watching tv in the Bumbo.

Princess Ella

I'd been meaning to try this for some time now. Ella's first pigtails.

Cute hat.

"Mom's B.F.F." shirt.

Pre-bath smiles.

She can hold her own bottle.

Excited for Halloween.

Our happy, precious girl!

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Rachel said...

Oh my gosh it's always amazing to me how fast babies grow up! I can't believe she's already 5 months!