Friday, September 17, 2010

Our new ride

I forgot to introduce the newest addition to the Roth family...a minivAN (that's how Jaycoby says it, with extra emphasis on the "AN"). Jaycoby is SO EXCITED about the new car. And I'm pretty sure he thinks we will be changing cars every six months, since we bought and sold our last vehicle so quickly. We had to make the change, because the RAV4 just didn't have enough room. With our trip to Sunriver approaching, we made the decision to do some car shopping, because we wanted to have enough room for all of our stuff. With bikes in the mix, we still ended up borrowing my parents car-top carrier as well. But we got it all to fit. And there is no way we could've gotten everything there in the RAV.
I was soooooooooo anti-minivan before, but I do realize that they are a practical vehicle. To quote a friend, "it's not a showpiece". But if it can get all of us (and all of our gear) from point A to point B, then I will just have to suck it up for now.

A funny conversation I had with Jaycoby:
Jaycoby: "Mom, are you ready to rock?"
Me: (caught off guard and chuckling) "Um, yes."
Jaycoby: "Are you ready to rock and roll in your minivAN, Mindy Reed?"

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Rachel said...

Seriously I love your son and all his funny comments!!! Congrats on your new car!