Sunday, August 8, 2010

In no particular order (a.k.a. feeling lazy)


Willamette Queen
We went on an hour excursion with Jaycoby. He ended up driving the boat for the majority of the time (only stepping aside to give the other people turns) and now calls himself "captain".

Here he was trying to whistle along with the captain. It was really just a high shreak.

Titanic remake

Oh Captain, my captain.

Jaycoby was selected to help the captain by demonstrating to everyone how to put on a life jacket. He did fantastic and loved that everyone clapped for him at the end.

Stopped by the garden and picked (also ate) some green beans.

Riverfront splash pad. We had to tear him away for nap time (a first).

We got to watch this helicopter take off. It almost blew Jaycoby away (literally).

Lunch with Grandma.
Homer Davenport Parade

We were in the "take off" spot for the floats. Jaycoby got a whole grocery bag full of candy.

Jaycoby's favorite part of the parade was the monster truck. We even had some friends riding in it, which made it even more neat.

Ella's first parade.


The kids playing together.

Dylan and Jenni came by and Jaycoby got to have some company in his pool.

Jaycoby fell asleep one night with his Yankee hat on :)

Mommy and the kiddos.

Big boy and little girl.

Jaycoby's new backyard toy

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Rachel said...

WOW!!! I'm super jealous!!! Wish I had one of those...