Sunday, July 18, 2010

Random picture

Last week, I was headed to Target and so I text my mom telling her she could meet me if she happened to be bored. She was actually already at Target (great minds think alike), so she said she would hang around. Turns out, my dad had dropped her at the store while he had gone to Lowes, so she was just killing time. My dad had caught wind that we were on our way, so he decided to pop in to Target and wait for us as well.
I left Ella with them for two minutes, while I made a quick return, and came back to find my dad pulling her out of her car seat. Apparently she was needing to be held :-). So, my dad got comfy in the furniture section of the store, while my mom and I walked around and did some shopping. This is definitely the longest my dad has ever been in Target...and he LOVED every second of it. Grandparents are the best!


Colie said...

Grandparents are the best! It's lovely when people (aka grandparents) love to take care of your children. It's a gift and a blessing!

Rachel said...

That's awesome!