Sunday, July 4, 2010

First family golfing trip of the summer

Jaycoby is getting some tips from the pro.
I'm pretty sure, in this moment, Jaycoby was explaining that he was just doing some practice swings. When we first got to the course, Mike did a few warm-up swings on his first hole. Jaycoby had asked me what Mike was doing, and wondered why Mike wasn't hitting the ball, so I explained that Mike was just warming up his arms. It was funny, because after our conversation, every time Jaycoby missed the ball he would say, "I was just warming up".

He hit the ball on his first try a lot more this time around. He has come a long ways, but doesn't like to be critiqued on his game very much. We're trying to work on that :-).
It was after bed time at this point. Jaycoby is taking a rest on the green.

His main concern the whole night was that his ball was clean. He got out of the cart and cleaned it at every hole.

Gotta make sure that ball is good and dry.

Jaycoby took this picture. Mommy and Ella rode in the cart the whole time. Ella did really well in the front pack.

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