Sunday, July 25, 2010

Big Brother. Big Helper.

Jaycoby has been eager to help with his little sister in any way possible. He has the perfect amount of enthusiasm, because it comes and goes in waves. He doesn't get in the way, when it would just be easier for us to do it ourselves, and he is happy to have a turn when the time is just right.
The other day he did it all: gave Ella her bottle, burped her and changed TWO diapers (sticking the tabs on the diaper).

Giving Ella her bottle:

I love that Jaycoby's stool has moved from the bathroom to Ella's nursery. Jaycoby put it there so he can talk to his sister and keep her calm while I change her diapers. He stands by her head and gently rubs it while he says "it's okay sweetie". He is such a good big brother!

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