Sunday, May 23, 2010

Jaycoby's first sleepover

We hosted our first sleepover tonight. It started with Jaycoby skyping Sydnie and asking if she would like to spend the night. Then we picked her up, picked up a Redbox movie (Jaycoby squealed with joy when Sydnie picked a Super Mario movie- he was sure she would pick a "girl movie"), came home and did hair cuts (Sydnie needed her bangs trimmed and Jaycoby was getting bushy), took a bath to wash off the hair, put on their jammies, played with some toys, watched their movie and had a snack (popcorn and chocolate milk).
We put them to bed and they went right to sleep. I think I heard one giggle as I walked out and then it was completely quiet after that. Bedtime never goes that quickly, normally, so I think we might have Sydnie sleep over more often ;-).

Next generations' way of inviting a friend for a sleepover.

Bath time.

Play time.

Movie time.

Snack time.

Bed time.

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