Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Facebook status updates & funny Jaycoby sayings

For those of you who are not on Facebook regularly (or at all) I thought I would catch you up on some of my status updates. Jaycoby says some of the funniest things and my way of documenting it has always been to write it into a status update. I always think that I should put them on the blog too, but have never done it. There are TONS that I am missing, but here are some that I could find on my profile from the last few months. I included a few that don't have quotes, but let you into little parts of our time together. He is a funny kid and I could probably write an entire book about the funny things that he says and does.

A facebook status goes like this:
Mindy 'Reed' Roth'.....(and then I fill in the blank)...

...Had a long day today. Jaycoby said it well, as we carried him to his bed tonight: “I’m worned out” .

...Just got weighed at the doctors office and I have reached my exact weight that I was when I was full-term with Jaycoby. I told Jaycoby that this is how big mommy was when he was in my tummy and he said "Oh no, this is not good. Ella won't be here for a long, long time, mom". Even the 4-year old is afraid of how big I will get. Lol

...loves that Jaycoby says "forgod" instead of "forgot". It sounds so funny. Mike and I like to respond "yup, we're 'for God' ;-)". laughing at Jaycoby and Mike. They are sitting on the couch cuddling. What could've been a tender moment was interrupted by Jaycoby saying "I want to stop smelling your breath, Mike".
...Seriously. Just finished bath (not our normal routine to do bath at night) and Mike suggests potting flowers as an activity with Jaycoby. First thing Jaycoby says "I'm getting dirty. Is this okay with mom?". THIS is why I always do bath in the mornings.

...Jaycoby: "Mom, when I get hurt, and you kiss it, it still hurts". Shoot. He's getting too old for my kisses to fix his owies.

...Jaycoby: "I want God to have a tv show of what the weather is going to be like". Me: "He does. It's called the weather channel." J: "No, just God's weather". Me: "All of the weather is God's weather. He gives the plants drinks of rain when they're thirsty and sunshine when they're cold. What do you think God's weather is like?". J: "Hmmmmm (tapping his finger on his mouth), let me think about it. I think it's always sunny".

...J: "Mom, can you get me's it called again?". Me: "Lunch?". J: "Ya, that's it. I forgod (forgot)". Apparently everyone in the Roth house is losing brain cells.

...Jaycoby wants his shirt tucked in to his sweat pants. Mommy does not. Why can't he just trust that his mommy really does know what looks dorky?

...just offered Jaycoby a sampler of cakes for dessert. He said, "Um, no thanks. I think I'll just have a banana". If I only I had that kind of self-control. He definitely takes after his father on that one.

...Jaycoby was helping me get ready in my bathroom this morning and was digging through my drawer. When I looked down at him, to my horror, he had an old (USED) pregnancy test in his mouth. I screamed and he dropped it. He thought it was a "fermoneter". Gag! Barf! Gross! Thankfully he told Mike that he didn't taste any pee.

...Jaycoby: "You're a bottom". Me: (with a stern voice and a "mom look") "Excuse me? We do not say that!". Jaycoby: "Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, so sorry, mom....Ummmmm....Mom, you're really skinny. There...that should make you feel better."

...Me: (explaining to Jaycoby the real reason for Easter) "The Easter bunny is fun, but the real reason we are celebrating today is because Jesus is ALIVE and risen." Jaycoby: "That's great, mom. Jesus is great. That makes me think about saying 'I love you, Jesus' all the day."

...While eating dinner....Jaycoby: "Mom, you're skinny." Me: "Well thank you." Jaycoby: "You are so very welcome". Best dinner date ever!

...while riding in the car, Jaycoby asks, "Mom, do you have health insurance? Do you visit your personal doctor once a year?". Hmmm, someone has been listening to the radio a little too much. Grandpa would be proud though. He might have a future in the family business.

...Jaycoby had a friend over the other day. When Diego climbed up on his bed, he laid down, made himself comfortable....and then he tooted. Jaycoby said "uh, now I'm gonna have to wash my blanket".

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Meghan said...

And don't forget "uh, now I'm gonna have to wash my blaket" after Diego tooted on his bed! LOL!