Monday, April 26, 2010

"Pedi-car" or "Pedi-care"?

Being able to reach my toes, and breathe at the same time, has become a luxury of the past. As I struggled to tidy my toe nails today, I quickly decided that repainting them just wasn't a high priority. I'd really prefer to breathe.
I asked Mike if he would give me a pedicure (jokingly, of course) and he suggested that Jaycoby do it. Why not? Jaycoby was excited to paint my toe nails for me. And trying to get him to say "pedicure" correctly was entertaining as well.

The finished product. Soooo pretty!


Rachel said...

Sawyer and I still "trade" pedi's and I do remember when my toes looked like that!
He's such a good boy!!! He's going to make the best big brother to his little sis!

AZChelsea said...

This is absolutely awesome!! I just might see if Asher wants to do the same, even though currently I have no problem bending down and breathing! ;) I bet asher would jump at the chance. Good work Jacoby!