Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Egg Coloring

If you know me, you know that I don't always handle it well when Jaycoby gets messy. For this reason, I have put off coloring Easter eggs until this year. Every day this week I was determined to get out the dyes and color some eggs with Jaycoby, but we've been battling fevers, coughs and tummy aches, so it just hasn't happened. Finally, today I made sure it happened. I couldn't handle making him wait another year. He is still sick, but I knew he would be excited to do it. While he laid on the couch, all bundled up in his blankets, I set up his dye station and prepped the hard-boiled eggs. When it was all ready, I asked him if he wanted to color the eggs (fully prepared that he might not want to do it and that I might be dying these eggs myself). He perked right up and hopped off the couch.
We only did four eggs, because I knew he wouldn't have the energy to do more. He loved it!
He did a great job!

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Rachel said...

You are so mean!!! I let Sawyer start coloring eggs when she was a baby!! You should see some of the pictures I have of her hands covered in easter egg dye! I'm glad you let him color eggs this year!!!