Monday, March 1, 2010

"I like the dentist now, mom"~ Jaycoby

We took Jaycoby to the dentist today and he did really good. He'd only been once before and it did not go well AT ALL, so this time I just kept him in the dark about where we were going and what we were doing. If you know Jaycoby at all, he is a planner, like his mommy. He likes to know the agenda for the day and "what are we doing next?". With a child like this, I'm sure you can just imagine how many millions of questions he was asking me on the car ride to his appointment. Oh my goodness! Even once we went into the dentists office, we did not tell him why he was there.
Dr. Heringer came out and sat down to talk to Jaycoby. Jaycoby was really chatty with the doctor. He answered his questions, touched his rubber gloves and sort of listened to the dentist when he told Jaycoby what they would be doing during his exam. When the dentist was explaining how they might take some pictures of his teeth, Jaycoby was looking out the window, turned back around and said "I'm four!". Totally irrelevant. Lol But then Jaycoby started to get worried when Dr. H said he would be going to the back room without mom. We kept him distracted as best as we could, then I walked him to the door and they took him from there. We could hear him crying for a second, but then it got quiet. After a minute or two, I heard him laughing and we knew he was doing great.
Now he loves the dentist! He was really excited about getting a new toothbrush, toothpaste and floss. Hopefully it's just as smooth next time he goes!


Meghan said...

I'm so glad he did so well! Is his dentist a pediatric dentist? I"m worried about how Diego will react to the dentist, so I've dreaded going! Good job Jaycoby!

Rachel said...

It's great that he had such a better experience. Sometimes it only takes them a few months and things are all different.