Sunday, February 7, 2010


We developed a bit of an ant problem in our kitchen and were desperately needing to set off a bug bomb in the house. While brainstorming ideas of places to go to get us out of the house for a few hours, we decided we should take advantage of our OMSI pass before it expires. So we headed up to Portland.
I was having an "off" day, so it was a huge relief that Mike was just as excited to be there as Jaycoby was. If there was a bench, or a chair, I was sitting on it. The only time I was up and around was if Mike was busy with his own activity and someone needed to chase down Jaycoby :-). Like I said, Mike was just as excited to be there as Jaycoby was. Lol
Last time we visited OMSI it was during Christmas break and it was packed. This time there was hardly anyone there, so we were able to do more things and stay a little bit longer.

Astronaut Hurst

Astronaut Roth

Jaycoby loved vacuuming up the balls. I wish I'd gotten a picture of Mike doing it. He seriously did it for like five minutes, until I had to pull him away because a child was waiting for a turn.

The boys were in the chemistry lab for 25 minutes. Here they are working on one of the experiments.

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