Monday, February 15, 2010

Good times with friends

We had dinner with friends tonight and it was....well, there were SIX boys, so you can guess how it was. Fun and loud :-) Mike and Lori have three boys (Lucas, Ian and Grant). Dwayne and Julie have two boys (Riley and Logan). It's all Jaycoby can do to keep up with these boys. It's SO GOOD for him to be around them. He even got in on some of the wrestling tonight (he usually cheers from the sidelines and/or gets hurt quickly). He had a blast playing with all of his friends.

This was an amazing sight. They were all seated and quiet during dinner (all thanks to some great burgers from the Harris Traeger...yum).

They were pretending to be dogs and somehow this involved sliding down the stairs head-first.


Dwayne got thrown into the wrestling match.

This picture had to be taken in order to show that Jaycoby has conquered his fear of the Incredible Hulk boxing gloves. He used to scream, cry and cover his ears if any of the boys would pull out these toys during playgroup. They were all he wanted to play with for most of the night.

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Mel said...

Now that is a houseful a houseful of trouble!